Historic Home  Owner Resources

"Old buildings are not ours. They belong, partly to those who built them, and partly to the generations of mankind who are to follow us. The dead still have their right in them: that which they labored for...we have no right to obliterate. What we ourselves have built, we are at liberty to throw down. But what other men gave their strength, and wealth, and life to accomplish, their right over it does not pass away with their death."
---John Ruskin


1. Motawi tile - maker of arts & crafts tiles

2. Charles Rupert Historic Tiles, wallpapers, fabrics - incredible stuff!

3. Archive Edition Arts & Craft textiles

4. Decodame - If you love Art Deco, like I do, this woman sells (expensive!) beautiful vintage lighting, furniture, etc.

5. Just Art Pottery - vintage art deco, art nouveau pottery

6. International Doors - Beautiful vintage style doors (from cottage style to Arts and Craft) for your home

7. Heartwood Pine Wood floors - Reclaimed Antique Heartwood pine floors

8. Mountain Lumber - Another resource for antique and distressed antique flooring (as well as new)

9. Rejuvenation - Great supplier of reproduction lighting and house parts

10. House of Antique Hardware - Reproduction and Vintage hardware for the home

11. www.Traditional-Building.com - Directory of suppliers of historic products and services

13. The Old House Web - This site offers much in the way of ideas, advice and community for old house enthusiasts.

14. William Morris Society - This site is devoted to William Morris, the British craftsman and chief founder of the Arts and Crafts movement. 

15. Twentieth Century Fires- Everything for your vintage fireplace (make sure to check out the original vintage fireplace surrounds) from a location in London--expensive to get it over here, but it can't hurt to look...

16. Scott Antique Market - An huge antique market (in two different buildings) held the second weekend of every month in South Atlanta.

17.  This Old House Magazine - Of course any old home owner needs to subscribe to this great magazine; and their website's not bad either!

18. Old House Journal - Another good magazine and very good website....by the way, both magazines have bulletin boards where you can discuss your "old home issues" with other owners.

19. Yahoo groups - There are two Yahoo groups that I belong to whose members have and/or appreciate older homes.  It's a great place to talk to others who may have experience with issues you may be dealing with with your old home--, "Fixeruppers" and "Historichomes"

20. The Not So Big House - Author ("The Not So Big House and now "Outside the Not So Big House") and architect Susan Susanka's website; she wants us all to consider the advantages and value of design, quality and smaller spaces over sheer scale.