Schedule of Normal Life Expectancy

Ever wonder how long various systems last in an average home? So did researchers at Freddie Mac.


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Life Estimate in Years
Dishwashers5 to 12
Disposals5 to 12
Washers and dryers8 to 12
Water heaters8 to 12
Refrigerators15 to 20
Stoves15 to 20

Gutters and Downspouts

Life Estimate in Years
Galvanized15 to 20
CopperLife of home if well-maintained

Heating and Air Conditioning

Life Estimate in Years
Warm air furnace8 to 12
Heat pumps8 to 12
Air conditioning compressors8 to 15
Gas chillers8 to 15
Hot water boilers30 to 50


Life Estimate in Years
Gas hot water heater8 to 12
Electric hot water heater10-15
Private disposal systems (septic) 15 to 25
Galvanized water pipes30 to 50


Life Estimate in Years
Selvage or asphalt roll12 to 20
Wood shake and shingle15 to 20
Asphalt 15 to 20
Fiberglass15 to 20
Asbestos shingle30-50

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Reproduced with permission from Freddie Mac.

Courtesy of Old House