The Top 75 Reasons To Use A Realtor

Real Estate transactions involve one of the largest investments most people experience in their lifetime. Transactions today usually exceed the $150,000 mark, up to over $1 million!

If you had a $150,000 income tax problem or legal question, would you attempt to handle it without the help of a CPA or an attorney?

Considering the small upside cost and the large downside risk, it's in your best interest to use the professional assistance of a Realtor in all your real estate transactions, which is where we come in...

We've got the experience, the knowledge and the skills...

Pre-Listing Checklist

  1. Research ownership
  2. Research all comparable currently listed properties
  3. Research previous sales activity
  4. Review property profile
  5. Complete market study prepared CMA
  6. Present plan of action to seller
  7. Prepare personal listing information
  8. Present market study to seller, including comps, solds, current listings and expires.
  9. Present strategic master marketing plan to seller
  10. Listing contract & addendum signed by seller
  11. Organize file in proper order
  12. Prepare flyers and feedback faxes
  13. Property data sheet prepared for office
  14. Review current appraisal if available
  15. Lot information researched for size and dimensions
  16. Have extra key for lockbox made
  17. Property inclusions and amenities are noted
  18. Research legal description
  19. Assessment and status
  20. Order property profile
  21. Order tax information
  22. Tax information reviewed
  23. Enter in computer base
  24. Property condition disclosure statement completed with seller
  25. Lockbox installed
  26. Sign installed
  27. Digital color photo taken
  28. Upload to Internet
  29. Coordinate showings with seller
  30.  “New Listing Checklist” completed
  31. New listing sent to area realtors
  32. Add property to our active listed list
  33. Add property to our current list
  34. Confirm owner has a copy of the listing agreement
  35. Marketing brochure prepared with information about the property

Listing Checklist

  1. Write ad for Internet advertising
  2. Submit ad to the home web
  3. Feedback faxes sent to agents after showings
  4. Showing feedback conveyed to seller periodically
  5. Calls to seller to discuss marketing and pricing
  6. Pre-qualify all buyers when possible
  7. Price change entered onto Website
  8. Price change announced to all agents
  9. New brochures are delivered as needed
  10. Refer you to one of the best agents at your destination
  11. Contacts selling agent to discuss buyers qualifications and offer
  12. All needed forms are presented to complete the sale
  13. Offer is accepted, amended or countered
  14. Signed offer is delivered to selling agent
  15. Contract is signed by all parties
  16. Copies of contract in office file
  17. Sales in progress checklist completed
  18. Earnest money is deposited in escrow account
  19. Closing file forms and files updated
  20. Fax copies on contract to lender

Under contract

  1. Provide comparable sales for appraiser
  2. Contact lender weekly to track processing
  3. Fax copies of contract and addendum to the closing agent
  4. Order title insurance commitment
  5. Review the home inspection results
  6. Negotiate the payment and completion of all required repairs
  7. Copy of septic inspection report delivered to buyer
  8. Copy of well flow test report delivered to buyer, if applicable

Closing Management

  1. Closing time scheduled with seller
  2. Closing time scheduled with lender
  3. Closing time scheduled with selling agent
  4. Closing time scheduled with buyer
  5. Final walk through scheduled with buyer
  6. Closing location selected
  7. Closing date confirmed
  8. Closing documents requested
  9. Provide earnest money check for escrow
  10. Oversee the entire closing process