The whole process of buying a new home or townhome/condo can be overwhelming--it's hard to know where to start!   But if you've ever thought of buying a house, THIS is the year!  Prices are the lowest they'll probably every be, inventory is high, and, oh, yes--there's the wonderful $8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit that Uncle Sam is giving away (see website below for details)*

As a realtor who works with many first time home buyers--young and older--Kirsten enjoys helping buyers make the the biggest and best investment of their lives, and she patiently gives each and every person the time and information they need to make an informed decision.

Before you call Kirsten,  your first step should be to talk to a mortgage lender who can give you an idea of what a realistic housing budget will be for you, taking into account today's interest rates and your debt to income ratio.  It will help the lender if you know your "credit score", which you can get once a year for free from 

Different lenders will have different charges for loans, so it pays to shop around a little--and you're under no obligation to use a lender just by getting a quote from them.  Here are two that Kirsten

Randy McMullin
Amstar Mortgage

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Your next plan is to figure out WHEN you want to buy.  Remember that if you close on a home purchase THIS month, your first mortgage payment won't actually start until TWO MONTHS later (on the first day of that month)!     Another important fact--once you start house-hunting, don't to ANYTHING that could affect your credit score negatively, like changing jobs or buying a new car or furniture for the house--save it for AFTER you've closed on the house!